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Value Based Projects

At Hydraulic Solutions we understand that your hydraulic system works to deliver direct value to your company, be it as a stand-alone, a mobile lifting solution or as part of a complex industrial value chain.


Underperforming systems simply cost you your productivity, frustrate your work force and can damage other critical components within your value chain, not even mentioning potential harm to our valuable environment.


Primary focus is on defining and delivering value-based projects where off-the-shelf cylinders are inadequate for the task at hand, or where existing hydraulic systems needs smart adjustment.

System Improvements

Our strength lays within the system survey and recommending any possible improvements to you.


We report on the survey findings, the risks of not doing anything,  recommendations to fix, including time, material and personnel involvement.


We see proper trained operating staff as part of your hydraulic value system and do provide on-the-job training.


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Hydraulic system connectors hoses

Maintenance & Repair

We fix what needs fixing!

Although we order supplies, tools and materials directly from our qualified and registered suppliers, we do not resell any product, be it online or over the counter, directly into the market.

We utilize our direct links with the hydraulic cylinder & component suppliers and manufacturers to provide you with the highest quality of both service and components, be it off-the-shelve or custom-build.