Some of our projects

Bell Logger Hydraulic Kits, Industrial Hydraulics


Problem Definition:

Yellow Metal SA, assembling Bell Loggers, experienced issues with getting the right hydraulic component sets from their hydraulics sub-assembly supplier.


Problem Solution:

After a proper investigation at the customer regarding the different hydraulic sub-assembly sets, we created a Bill of Material for each unique Bell Logger hydraulic set from where the correct components, like hoses and fittings, are ordered and issued for assembly.


Customer Feedback, Procurement Manager:

“Satisfied beyond expectation. Fast delivery time and the boys at Hydraulic Solutions are always willing to help if there is a problem at our plant.”


In-Field Support, Mobile Hydraulics


Problem Definition:

IPC Projects in Pretoria, owns and utilizes many hydraulic operated machines and face regular hydraulic breakdowns while in-field.


Problem Solution:

Hydraulic Solutions provides in-field call-out support where machinery shows hydraulic failure of any hydraulic component involved.


Customer Feedback, Owner:

“Always willing to assist with breakdowns when called upon. Workmanship is excellent and knowledgeable on all aspects of hydraulic systems and its functions, is beyond expectations. Both have good communication skills and are straight forward in their comments and advise to me and my field workers.”

Wheelchair Platform Lift, Domestic Client


Problem Definition:
Client could not find an affordable outdoors wheelchair lift, for going up and down the patio. Client asked our help in providing a practical and affordable solution towards his mobility challenge.


Provided Solution:
A single-scissor platform with a 1500-1500 steel platform and a 12V battery operated agricultural cylinder.


Customer Feedback, Jan van Ommen:

“Thank you, Johann and Wikus for delivering me this freedom! The time of going through painful alternatives while going into my lawn, are over! The lift works like a charm. Thank you for this quick, affordable and practical solution.”

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